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Michigan Coalition of Essential Schools
The Michigan Coalition of Essential Schools (MCES) is part of a national network of schools and centers engaged in restructuring and redesigning school organization and curriculum to promote better student learning and achievement. Dr. Ted Sizer founded the national Coalition of Essential Schools in 1984.  The CES mission is focused on classroom practice, the simple authenticity of its Principles, and its determination to measure the long-term impact of school reform on the lives of students.
Based on Ten Common Principles identified as educational practices that enhance student achievement, the CES School Reform Model focuses on the areas of school organization, classroom practice, leadership, and community connections.  The benchmarks for the Ten Common Principles cross all four focus areas and guide each school's effort in rethinking its priorities and redesigning its structures and practices to suit its students, staff, and community populations.

The Michigan Coalition of Essential Schools, a regional center in Jackson, Michigan, was established in 1995 with considerable support from Jackson philanthropic organizations and area schools.  The Board of Directors of MCES is committed to creating true learner-centered schools, using the principles of CES.  The work of MCES is to help educators, parents, students, and other stakeholders in developing students' ability to use their minds well.  Rigorous academic standards and high expectations for all students are at the core of this effort.

MCES has served as the school change partner in over 50 schools across the state.  Almost all of these schools are historically low-performing schools with high percentages of children in poverty.  Funding for partnerships with these schools has come from different sources, including general operational funds and Title 1 funds authorized by the federal government and administered by the Michigan Department of Education.

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